Friday, 28 September 2012

NIKON 1 System

I do not yet have a Nikon 1 camera. I want to wait for the 2nd generation before buying one. But I do plan to buy one and this post explains why.

The Nikon 1 system gets bad press from photo enthusiast sites because it is found lacking in manual controls, big sensor, and fast lenses. I don't think photo enthusiasts get the Nikon 1.

I believe the Nikon 1 is aimed at people who want to take good pictures without manual intervention. It is also meant for professionals and enthusiasts who want to occasionally forget about control and just go with the flow. Nikon has tried to create a uniquely fast camera - I think the idea is that you will be able to capture moments that you simply cannot with most other cameras because they are too slow.

The other thing I have noticed about the Nikon 1 system is how cheap the lenses are compared to other mirror-less systems. I imagine that cost is an important factor in the design and build of the lenses; it again highlights the fact that Nikon 1 is not aimed at the photo enthusiast who wants the best quality (and pricey) lens.

I intend to get the Nikon 1 because sometimes I want to forget about photography and just click, and trust the camera to do the job. 

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