Monday, 28 September 2015

Democratization of photographic technical skills or is there a need for technical skill anymore?

In the days of film photography it made a difference if you had good understanding of the technical aspects of photography: aperture, shutter speeds, focusing skill, understanding of light and the use of speed lights, darkroom skills. You could arguably take better images if you had better technical skills.

With digital photography becoming available to everyone - and the universal access to mobile phones with cameras, plus the advances made in technology - the need for technical skill has diminished a lot. Of course there is now a different kind of technical skill required - that of the digital dark room - but on the whole I think that anyone with a good eye can take beautiful pictures now. This is good as it brings to the fore what should have always been what it is about - creativity and artistic sensibility.

For some of us who had the upper hand before due to technical knowledge - we suddenly find that others less skilled often create better images.

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