Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ricoh GR Digital III First Impressions

The rear lcd is cool.
The fast lens allows relatively low ISO to be used even indoors.
The manual focus seems to operate in steps from 1m onwards. On my camera, the focus steps erratically when the up/down buttons are pressed; sometimes, two steps backward rather than one. The magnified view isn't very helpful as it doesn't seem to offer high enough magnification.
I think that when manual focus is selected, the image should be automatically zoomed. Having to press and hold the OK button is stupid.
I like spot focus better than multi focus.
The camera seems very light weight. The Canon GR10 felt more robust probably due to size.

If the manual focus is stepped, the AF must be stepped too. So we probably can't get the most accurate focus for distant subjects - it will be like zone focusing.

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