Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ricoh GR Digital III - Part 4

Things about GRD3 that I wish were different.
  • I wish the lens cap was a bit less fragile. As it stands, I feel scared that something will push it in and scratch the lens.
  • The LCD can be switched off using the custom settings; but when you do so, it stays off and there is no way to check the camera settings, which makes it less than useful. I wish there was an option to just display the camera settings on the LCD rather than being completely off. As it is, I think it is better to leave the LCD on even when using the external viewfinder.
  • Wish the external viewfinder were povided with a central AF square - as this would really make it useful in spot AF mode. As it is one has to guess where the focus point will be. 
  • Now this is an odd one; I actually wish that the lens did not retract into the body and was completely fixed instead. This would make the lens more sturdy and the camera would be more responsive. But this would of course completely destroy the compactness of GRD3. 

1 comment:

  1. Go to Setup > Information Display Mode > On. With the LCD off you can quickly turn the shooting info on and off by pressing the FN1 key.


    - Carlo