Sunday, 1 November 2009

The quest for the ultimate film camera

Is the Nikon F6 the ultimate film camera?

Following features really interest me:
  • Accurate metering - the colour matrix metering is supposed to be very good. The great thing about the F6 is that colour matrix metering works even with non CPU lenses, just like the D300/D3.
  • Data imprint between frames - including date and exposure details - perfect!
  • Interchangeable focusing screens - and a screen type that has a central micro-prism to aid manual focusing.
  • Support for older non CPU lenses - and even non-AI lenses (after modification).
Other aspects that are equally interesting:
  • Quiet and vibration free operation - I would love to compare the F6 with the Leica M6.
  • Build quality - pro Nikons are built to last forever.
  • Relatively small size as compared to F5, or the D series professional SLRs.
Pity that one can't rent the F6.

New ones are now exorbitantly priced - £1700 in the UK. That's the same price as that of D700.

I guess if you shoot film, then the F6 is the ultimate camera. It is perfect because it seems to have the best set of features amongst all film cameras.

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